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It is only possible to disable billing for a company if this company has no uncaptured payments. If a company has uncaptured payments and you use try to disable the company, nothing bad happens, but you will see a suitable error message.

Billing can be reenabled anytime for a company with disabled billing. The user just has to log in into to disabled company and then fill out the purchase form again.


  1. Company gets blocked in TTCore.
  2. Stripe customer is deleted.
  3. Email address of billing user is deleted.
  4. Payment method is set to bank transfer.


  1. Contracts beginning in the future are deleted.
  2. The trial phase contract is left as it is.
  3. Ends on date of currently active contracts will be set to today.


  1. Invoices with period from date in the future will be deleted, even if they have items because these items normally are for services or products that would have been provided in the future.
  2. The period to date of currently active invoices will be set to today and then the invoices will be sealed with force. Because the payment method was set to bank transfer before, the credit card will not be charged. If the client has to pay something because the sealed invoices have open positions, the payment has to be handled manually.
  3. The items of the sealed invoices are not touched.


  1. The licenses assigned to the company are already paid or at least invoiced and are thus not deleted.

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